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Postby Andrevas » June 28th, 2011, 4:00 pm


1990 740 Turbo wagon red
VIN YV1FA8751L2314279
206262 miles


located in Santa Barbara, CA 93111

do not want to part out.

asking price is $1500. I feel my price is fair considering the amount of new parts and extras included after taking a survey of what other broken cars are going for on the turbobricks forum, so I'm floating it for now.

it's time for me to part with my wagon. currently not running, will need to be towed. the story: seemed to drop a cylinder, think it was just an ignition failure but it also has for the longest time been leaking coolant from between the head and block back by the cooland drain cock, so I parked it and began taking things apart. and then I lost interest and here it's sat for two years. I have accumulated a lot of parts I just don't have the motivation to fix this thing, nor the cash to finish buying what I need to fix it as I have been out of work for some time. I would like to go back to school so any money I can get to acquire reliable transportation helps right now. I do love my wagon, but I think it's time I let someone who will actually put in the work to make her awesome again take ownership, or make use of it for their own purposes (parts).

ALMOST EVERYTHING NEEDED TO GET IT RUNNING IS INCLUDED! I can provide a list of what at bare minimum still needs to be purchased to get it running again.

NEW in box parts:
*cooling system (OEM Volvo pump, two t'stats different temps, t-stat housing, all hoses, extra set of turbo coolant lines w/ new washers for banjos, temp sensors, radiator, black overflow cap, overflow tank, assorted clamps)
*PCV breather box
*crankshaft balancer
*Scantech headbolt set
*Elring headgasket kit and lots of other assorted new seals
*Purolator air filter
*Contitech timing belt kit
*Carquest (Gates) V-belts
*Bougicord coil wire
*Bosch cap/rotor
*battery parts (terminal felt rings, anti-corrosion battery mat, negative terminal battery disconnect)
*trans filter
*front/rear brake pads (Prostop/Raybestos)
*hazard switch cover
*tailgate panel repair kit

EXTRAS included:
*Yoshifab plenum spacer kit w/ extra manifold gasket (there are two, one came with the Elring kit, one I bought from IPD. NEW IN BOX)
*Dave Barton boost gauge face style #1 http://davebarton.com/740TurboBoostGauge.html (uninstalled, NEW)
*15G w/ no exhaust housing, needs rebuild (not on car, stock 13C is installed)
*24/19mm OEM swaybars w/ all hardware except rear wagon brackets (uninstalled)
*Pioneer DEH-P3500 stereo (not installed but car is already modified for single DIN radio, wired for the Pioneer and also wired for a sub, see pics)
*poly accessory mount bushings (installed on alternator, 4 NEW included but not installed for A/C compressor)
*Craving Boost stainless manifold stud kit, enough for both manifolds (uninstalled, NEW)
*late 740 e-fan modified for early 740 radiator fitment, includes complete relay harness (uninstalled, could not get to fit with waterpump studs currently in place)
*tan cupholder armrest lid, not in perfect condition but other than cosmetic blemishes works perfect
*rear springs are tagged TME OL, so I'm guessing they are overloads (came with car, installed w/ Boge Turbo struts)
*airbox is gutted, modified t-stat inlet for dryer ducting, all missing latches replaced with McMaster-Carr hardware
*set of snow chains
*PBR Ultimate pads currently installed, some life left (Brembo stock rotors front/ATE slotted rear)
*exhaust is modified w/ primary muffler delete, rear muffler replaced w/ Dynomax. new OEM direct replacement Magnaflow cat recently installed
*extra 2.5" muffler included, no idea what brand it is
*Wheelskin on stock steering wheel installed in good shape
*extra windshield washer reservoir
*crank holder tool
*IPD ATF flush tool (NEW unused)
*Craving Boost spark plug wires (worth A LOT by themselves at least since NLA) black, black high temp boot option, fiberglass sleeve option, MSD coil wire option. also has additional black fiberglass boot sleeves. NEW NEW NEW. http://www.cravingboost.com/products-plug-wires.htm
*MSD Blaster 2 coil to go with CB wire set. includes a universal coil mount bracket and does have the CARB sticker to go with. NEW
*NGK V-power spark plugs NIB
*additional 3x poly accessory bushings NIB
*two bottles of Motul RBF600 brake fluid (unopened)
*four bottles of Mobil1 5W40 Turbodiesel oil (unopened)
*metal oil cap (tighter fit than stock plastic)
*used but still good condition and fairly clean K&N panel filter

OTHER info:
*registration is paid current. has 2010 tags, needs smog for 2011 tags but registration fee for 2011 is paid (I have paperwork to prove)
*clean title
*oil always changed w/ Mobil1 5W40 Turbodiesel and Mann filters since I took ownership
*rear diff oil was replaced w/ Motul
*car came with roof racks, they were removed and trashed, holes plugged w/ IPD kit
*removed and trashed all components of 3rd row seat
*car includes fat stack of service history paperwork since new
*was bought new in San Diego, has always been a CA car, so NO RUST. just cosmetic blemishes from it's hard life.
*front seats don't look pretty under the cheap covers but they are still so cush.
*tires have plenty of tread left
*other parts are fairly new, things like intake hoses/vacuum lines.
*sunroof switch is flaky, needs replacement, even touching it makes sunroof freak out
*the A/C actually sort of works, just very low on charge.

again, asking price is $1500. PM me or email andrevas@andrevas.net

thanks for looking.

more pics here: http://andrevas.net/images/stawag/

sorry for crappy cellphone pic but I actually don't have any "regular" shots of my car and the garage it's in won't allow for one space-wise




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Re: turbobrick

Postby Mrwassman » June 28th, 2011, 11:23 pm

Nice pictures
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Re: turbobrick

Postby PornstarSR » June 29th, 2011, 2:08 pm

probably should list auto or manual etc
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Re: turbobrick

Postby Andrevas » July 2nd, 2011, 11:38 am

listed trans type, Autocheck report, and additional items included with car. buy me.
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